Do you ever feel like coding is all work and no play? Have you wanted to give SVG animation a go but haven’t found the time or known where to start?

Animation is one of the best ways to bring personality and character to an online experience, but in the busy world of front-end development, it can often be overlooked.

Join me for a day of SVG animation fun. You’ll leave this workshop feeling confident and inspired to make your own creative web animations with SVG.

Topics covered

  • Animation principles
  • SVG optimisation and SVG basics
  • Creating or sourcing your own SVG graphics
  • Crafting delightful and performant animations with Greensock animation platform
  • SVG morphing and stroke animation with Greensocks SVG specific plugins.
  • Adding interaction to your animation


A fully charged laptop and modern browser

This course will be accessible for designers and front end developers. You don’t have to have experience working with SVG or animation, but working knowledge of HTML and CSS will be necessary. We will be using a JavaScript animation library so basic JS skills will be helpful, although not required.


The workshop will take place on the 26th March 2020 (the day before the conference).

Training venue

The venue is The Studio @ The Hive at 51 Lever St, Manchester M1 1FN.

Afterwards you are invited to another location (TBC) if you wish to continue talking about the day further, or just unwind.

Cassie Evans

Cassie Evans

Getting started with SVG Animation

I’m currently a front end dev at Clearleft in Brighton, with a background in graphic design and motion design.

I got started with web animation while working in advertising, making animated banner ads with Greensock. (Happily free of that world now and using those skills on the wider web!)

I organised a non profit - codebar brighton for three years, and ran weekly evening workshops, teaching newbie’s how to code. I also threw some longer workshops on CSS and SVG animation, usually around a half day in length.

This is my first full day workshop, It's aimed at front end developers, but as a former 'designer-who-coded-a-bit’ I would say it’s accessible to anyone with basic coding skills.

The workshop is (hopefully) +-8 hours and should be a lot of fun.